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Coach as the Client

I decided to become my own client.  In December, partnered with Precision Nutrition, whose nutrition certification I hold, to use there amazing software to help my clients.  Being the coach that I am, I couldn't let my clients use something I have never used myself,...

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What’s the best diet?

What's the best diet? There isn't one! We are each unique in that works and what does when it comes to diet and exercise.  Our biochemical make up differs and based on how we have lived our lives (and how our parents & grandparents lived) all matters in what is...

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Finding Your 5-Minute Habit

When you start on your nutrition coaching with me, it starts with creating new habits.  The very first habit is Creating a 5-Minute Habit to do each day.  This 5-minute habit can be just about anything, but I like to make is something that will contribute to your...

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Client Feature: Kim

Happy Weekend! It's that time again, time to feature another amazing human I am lucky enough to work with. This week I'm introducing you to Kim.  Kim lives in Dallas with her husband and fur kids.  Kim wears many hats, but my favorite one is author (she wrote a book...

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Featured Client: JoAnn

Hi there! As part of the new year, I want to share about my clients and feature them and the hard work + progress they are making. Meet JoAnn.  She is from Minnesota, 74 years old, and has been working so hard on losing weight and moving better.   She started working...

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