We all need a little love and it’s Valentine’s Day so we are expecting love from others.  But, what if we expected love from ourselves?

I am all about getting results and making changes, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love yourself.  I believe you have to love your body enough to change it.  If you are doing all these things because you hate your body, it is going to back fire.

Instead of giving up all your favorites and eating unflavored, boring, tasteless ‘health’ food that is  going to make you miserable. You could opt on nourishing your body with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables and still enjoying your favorites.  If you make a must eat plate like a veggie, protein, and healthy fat at each meal after that you can have a piece of pie.

As for working out, it isn’t a punishment or something you do to because you ate cake.  Working out is something you get to do.  It is something you are capable of doing, imagine not being about to move your body.  Reasons to move your body include: increasing your self-confidence, feeling good, and keeping your body strong.

When I’m working with clients, we focus a lot on what we want to change, but today I am having each of them think about what they love.  To think about what they value and how far their body has taken them.

I challenge you to do the same thing.  How can you love yourself?

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