Welcome to Fitness vs Food!

Hi there,

it’s Ashley

& Rue

I’m the creator, writer, and trainer at Fitness vs Food.  I was raised in Indiana, graduated from Purdue University, and moved out of the the Midwest as fast as I could.  I have lived many places, but I can currently be found on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.

When I was in college, I was one of those lucky people that found a field that was more than a job, I found my love and passion.  I have always wanted to help people from picking up the other kids that fell down in soccer to helping others make massive transformations!  Over the last few years, I have trained at many different facilities and gained more knowledge and experience that I could have imagined, but I wanted to help more people.  But, how could I?

What is Fitness vs Food all about?

Fitness vs Food was born out of my want and need to help impact more lives!  I found an outlet that can reach thousands or maybe even millions of men and women to make an impact on their fight to a healthy life.

Having gone from calorie counting crazy that never enjoyed my food, because it was so basic and blah to finding ways to make my most loved dishes yummy and healthy.

Working out like a maniac so I can eat whatever I want to finding a balance of eating to fuel my body and enjoying some treats.  Oh, and finding workouts that I love.

Stopping training to look good and start training to be stronger, faster, or to be able to outrun the zombies. Guess what?!?!  Your dream body will come.

Fitness is more that just workouts.

Food is more that just eating.

It is what happens in the in between, I call that the versus because it stands between fitness and food.  I will teach to how to go through the battlefield and FIGHT to your healthy life!