Happy Weekend! It’s that time again, time to feature another amazing human I am lucky enough to work with.

This week I’m introducing you to Kim.  Kim lives in Dallas with her husband and fur kids.  Kim wears many hats, but my favorite one is author (she wrote a book with a friend and is working on her own novels now!).  She is in her mid-50s and when she first came to me, not in a very good place.  She had just moved from the suburbs into the city with many changes her weight and how she looked at herself was one of them.

After a year of living it up in Dallas, she walked into the gym I was training at to begin her journey with me.  It was early in January when we started training and she had goals of a bikini for her anniversary trip in August.  Kim’s weight on the scale wasn’t really the problem, it was the way she was caring her weight that she didn’t like.  She argued this at the time that the scale needed to go down, but I wasn’t worried about it.

During our sessions, we talked about nutrition, not some crazy overhaul just some small things she could work on each day.  These small habits really do make the big impact.  We started with making sure she was getting breakfast in the morning, protein and fats for sure, veggies optional and something else if she wanted it.  She worked on eating less dinners out, but stuck to her lean cuisine lunches (not Ashley approved, but hey – sometimes we need our own balance).

In the gym, we trained 3 times a week (12 times a month) for hour long sessions.  These sessions included: warm ups, workout program of strength and metabolic conditioning, mobility, and foam rolling.  Along with hitting the gym, Kim played tennis 1-3 times a week.  Her program was based around improving her tennis game, not to make her lose the weight around the middle she was wishing for, because working towards physical abilities gets you to aesthetics (the looking good naked).  We working on specific exercises to help with balance, quick moves left and right, and other things to use on the court.

We had 8 month to get Kim bikini ready, it took 5. Kim lost 11 inches and 8 pounds, ending up not just smaller, but leaner in the end. 

When Kim first walked in to meet with me, she was discouraged, down on herself, and ready to make a real change to feel good again. Now, she glows and not because she lost the weight, because she feels amazing! 

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