Hi there! As part of the new year, I want to share about my clients and feature them and the hard work + progress they are making.

client testimonialMeet JoAnn.  She is from Minnesota, 74 years old, and has been working so hard on losing weight and moving better.   She started working with me about  5 weeks ago (December 1st).  She has tried many things to lose weight and keep it off.  She has gone to senior classes at the local fitness center and done weight watchers with their food.  These programs worked for a period, but for long term, they didn’t fit her life.  She gained back the weight she lost plus more.

The senior classes at the local fitness center are not consistent.  They only offer 1-2 classes a week, it is different classes, and they only offer them at one time. This makes it hard if you are looking for variety or the time of day doesn’t work out.  For December, JoAnn worked out using a custom workout plan for her level at times and days that work for her!

For her nutrition, she didn’t get a meal plan or food sent to her house.  She has been working on habits to make changes that stick.  Every two weeks she gets a new habit, the very first one is creating a 5-minute habit.  This 5-minute habit is something she got to choose to work on eat day.  After the first two weeks, of showing you can create a new habit we starting working on one of the platforms of making a change, eating slowly.  This is a very hard thing to do, since we are all in a rush these days, but it makes a significant impact on your eating habits.  As she goes forward, her habits will fit her goals, her level, and continue to challenge her and make changes.

I am so excited to share with you, after 5 weeks of working on habits, improved nutrition, and 3 workouts/week the results are in …🥁 [drum roll]…

She is down 9 inches and 5 pounds.

That is over the holidays. That is enjoying dinners, drinks, and cookies. That is not living without, it’s living with the things you enjoy! Living a healthy life isn’t about removing all the things you love, it is able finding a balance that works for you.


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