When you start on your nutrition coaching with me, it starts with creating new habits.  The very first habit is Creating a 5-Minute Habit to do each day.  This 5-minute habit can be just about anything, but I like to make is something that will contribute to your goals, feeling better, or improve on a habit you are currently ‘doing.’

Here are the 6 areas that contribute to a healthy life according to nutrition science:6 habits

1. Eat minimally processed foods

2. Do Routine Physical Activity

3. Consume very little alcohol & tobacco

4. Get adequate sleep

5. Find ways to control stress

6. Cultivate meaningful supportive relationships and social bonds


Now that you have went through this list, is there one thing that sparks or inspires you for your 5-minute habit? Maybe, it didn’t spark the one perfect thing, but you realized you are really drawn to improving one of these ares, but don’t know where to start with a 5 minute-habit. Here are my places to start for each habit:

 Eat minimally processed foods:

  • swap out your soda to sparkling water
  • if you like crackers: choose a nut/seed cracker (simple mills are my favorites) instead of the ritz
  • if you like chips: try plantain chips instead of Tostitos or Lays
  • start your day with breakfast that is nutrient dense like a smoothie: you can add fruit, protein, and a handful of spinach

Do Routine Physical Activity:

  • go for a walk everyday after lunch
  • walk the dog before work
  • stretch before bed
  • run up the stairs everything you use them
  • in your afternoon tired period, get up and do 10 squats, I highly recommend setting an alarm to remind you

Consume very little alcohol & tobacco:

  • this really depends on your consumption, but if it is multiple each day, decrease it by 1
  • if you are drinking 1 drink each day, decrease it to every other day
  • if you are smoking a pack a day, make it your goal to finish the day with 1 cigarette in the pack
  • you can build on this habit as you improve

Get adequate sleep: this is so important!!! I suggest having a bedtime and removing the tv from the bedroom

  • create a bedtime routine
  • put your phone away X amount of hours/minute before bed
  • remove your cell phone from your bedroom
  • read a book for 5-10 minutes before bed each night
  • go to bed 5 minutes earlier and grow on that till you are sleeping 7-8 hours each night

Find ways to control stress:

  • deep breathing
  • meditation
  • yoga
  • find your zen
  • you can use the app Down Dog for 10 minute yoga routines based on your level

Cultivate meaningful supportive relationships and social bonds:

  • call a friend each day and check in – a PHONE call not a text or message
  • write a hand-written letter to a friend each day
  • invite a co-worker to take a 5-minute walk break

We are all in such a rush to do everything, be everything for everyone that we forget to take time out of the day for ourselves.  This habit is permission or reminder (whichever you need) to give yourself 5-minutes each day to do something good for you and that you need!

What habit are you working on for 5-minutes each day?

And if you’re ready to change your life, get started today!

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