I decided to become my own client.  In December, partnered with Precision Nutrition, whose nutrition certification I hold, to use there amazing software to help my clients.  Being the coach that I am, I couldn’t let my clients use something I have never used myself, so I signed up as my first client.  I want my clients to have the best experience, get results, and feel contented to me no matter the physical distance between us.   I have upped my game and my clients results since I started using procoach.  My clients get daily lessons and habits via e-mail and I get to check their status and follow up all through procoach.  The best part, I get to keep everything customized, just like my workout programs.  Now, let’s dive into how the program has been going…

For the last 15 weeks, I have been a client of myself.  I do my daily lessons, I track my habits, but I don’t have anyone to check on me.  It has been interesting to say the least.  The first two weeks a breeze, the next 4 weeks I don’t even think hard can sum it up.  In those four weeks I practiced habits I have never used before.  I was very disappointed in myself, the first two weeks were so simple for me, why am I struggling with these habits?  How am I going to make it to the 4th habit?!?!  Guess what?  I survived, but in the two weeks you practice each habit I didn’t master them.  It took me to about week 8 to eat slow and week 10 or 12 to figure out what 80% full really feels like.  Even now that I know those things and I have practiced these habits, I still mess it up.

That’s ok.  You will mess up, life will get busy, and sometimes a cookie is the only option for breakfast.  But, it’s not really about the mess ups, it’s about getting back to the habits you practice each week.  It’s about giving yourself grace to grow.  It’s not about being perfect, it is about doing better then before and the best you can do at any given time.  Now, that I’m better at my 2 hard habits, I can go to a restaurant and enjoy foods that may not be ‘perfect’ and can have the pie and be guilt free.  I am a work in progress, not perfect but always striving to do better.

My favorite part of the program is the reflection.  I get to think about how I practiced my habits, are my habits moving me towards my goals, and seeing how far I’ve come.  I have learned a lot about myself over the last 15 weeks and I cannot wait to see what my next habit is.

Now, if you want to take the next step to make a change without giving up the things you love.  If you want follow a plan that doesn’t have a list of rules or regulations.  This is the place for you.  It’s about taking small steps each day to make a HUGE change over a year.  It’s a process, if you trust it, you will change [for good].

To start your change —>http://fitnessvsfood.com/product/monthly-remote-coaching/

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