The rules of the kitchen happen after getting started.  Before you dig in here, check out ‘Where Do I Start?’

Now, that you have took your time and cleaned up your kitchen it is time to set some rules to continue your success.  If you don’t have any rules things have a tendency to sneak back in. It starts with one item, two, and before you know it, it is back to the beginning.  

There are TWO basic rules, you may need to add more, but these are the basics:  

No Junk Leftovers

If something comes into the house that won’t help you get to your goals it leaves the same day it showed up.  This goes for birthday cake, dessert from Thanksgiving, and Friday night’s leftover pizza. Enjoy the things you love, but they don’t get to hang out any longer than that day.

Go Out

If you want something special that you are not keeping in the house, go out and enjoy it.  Rather than keeping ice cream in the home and having to ration it yourself head up to the local ice cream shop and enjoy your cone and move on.

No brining gallons of ice cream back into the house to be indulged on at will.  It is easy to get something out of the freezer, it is very different to have to go out to get it.

This gives you permission to have foods you enjoy, but not having them in the house gives you power.

Making these changes is not about depriving yourself, it is about supporting yourself and making foods less convenient.  By keeping your home safe, you are able to make conscious and deliberate decisions.

In today’s society healthy eating isn’t always easy.  We in inundated with so many items that are unsupportive to the changes you are making.  By making and keeping your environment a safe place you can stay the course without giving up all the things you love.  

As you continue on this path it will become easier and by keeping your environment clean you will be able to mindlessly keep yourself healthy eating.

Remember: Relying on willpower alone is a recipe for disaster.  A clean environment frees up your willpower to be used when you really need it.

Now, what’s next? -Stay tuned there’s more coming

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