Hey there!  We are are full week into 2018. 🙂 How is that going for you? Have you thrown in the towel on your New Years Resolution?  Did you know that 80% of Americans will quit their resolution by February?  Now, that seems crazy, but why are we giving up?

We give up because changes is hard.  We give up because quitting cold turkey is hard.  Here is why I think it is…

There are two types of people when it comes to making changes.  You are an abstainer or a moderator.  Most people are a mix of the two, but when it comes to food most of use are moderators.  What does that mean?  Abstainers can just quit, they can wake up one morning and decide I am never going to eat ice cream again and they will be successful.  But, if you are anything like me or the hundreds of clients I’ve worked with over the years, that isn’t realistic.

When a New Year comes rolling around, many of us gravitate to doing a challenge.  We commit to 30 days, 21 days, or maybe something more intense 80 days, but the rules are so strict we jump off the train.  Let’s take Whole 30 for example, you MUST remove grains, alcohol, legumes, dairy, sugar, and to top it off you cannot have any treats that even fit it to this (paleo brownies = no go).  I LOVE the idea of the Whole 30, but I am a moderator when it comes to eating, so I have tried it 9 times and failed 8 times.  [blog post coming soon on how I actually completed time 9]  Here is the thing, cutting all of that out all at once is so HARD, like impossible hard.  Now, let’s get into what I do with my clients to get results without some crazy remove everything that is good in the world from your life.

In 2016, I worked on my Precision Nutrition certification. This certification gave me more than just what nutrients (food) to eat or what supplements to take, it gave me a way to coach clients to making changes to get lasting results.  Here is how it works, we start with you choosing a 5-minute action to do everyday.  It can be anything from walking the dog to sitting in the car alone for 5 minutes before you walk in the house to yoga & meditation to reading. For two weeks, you practice that 5 minute habit and track how you do with it.  Then you progress to more nutrition based habits, these habits meet you where you are.  These habits are not going to be counting the macronutrients or weighing your food on a scale.  They will direct you to gradual healthy change over time.  Sounds glamorous right?

No, it probably doesn’t.  This isn’t going to be a quick fix and you probably won’t drop 10 pounds in two weeks.  But, I will make you a promise, if you show up and practice your habits in 4, 8, and 12 weeks you will see changes and notice a difference.  If you keep going, in 16 weeks or 20 weeks you will be closer to your goal then if you started something crazy in January and have already quit by February.  Here’s the thing that not many trainers say (because no one likes to hear this): You didn’t gain the weight in 4 weeks, so you aren’t going to lose it and keep it off in 4 weeks.

This program of coaching isn’t for a quick fix or to help you drop 10 pounds in 10 days.  This program is for you if you are looking to make a lifelong commitment to yourself to live your best life now.  In my best life, I still eat cookies and drink wine.  Want to join me?

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