If I had a dollar for every time I heard a client say they hate vegetables, I would be rich.  I mean so rich I might be able to buy an island.  But, I’m hear to say, veggies are not going to kill you.  In fact, veggies are going to do the exact opposite!  As a trainer and nutrition coach, I HATE hearing my clients say this (I should write a post about all the things your trainer doesn’t want to hear).

Vegetables have such a bad rap for being icky and I don’t know why.  Maybe because as a child we were always told ‘eat your vegetables’ or maybe it’s because they were always over-stemmed and mushy.  Whatever the reason, you are an adult now get over it and find new ways to eat your veggies.

On of the habits I have my clients work on is eating more servings of vegetables (and fruits) each day.  The goal is simple(ish), eat 5 servings of different veggies and fruits each day. I suggest eating more veggies than fruit, but that can be the next step.

Being told to eat your vegetables does nothing for you, maybe even being told they are good for you isn’t enough.  But, here is why veggies (and fruits) are so important.  They rock at nutrition (I know I hate that word, but today we gotta deal).  They contain essential vitamins and minerals along with phytochemicals (plant chemicals) and antioxidants.  These are things your body needs to run (literally run) and these are needed at the cellular level for you body to function.

Ok, Ashley I don’t give a flying leap, I still won’t eat them. I don’t like them.  How about trying them a different way?

Check out this AWESOME infographic from Precision Nutrition. I am encouraging you to cover your veggies in in spices, cook them with bacon, add some honey, or cover with cheese.  That is how important eating veggies really is!

From the infographic here are my 3 go to veggie creations:

Brussel Sprouts + Black Pepper + Garlic + Bacon in the oven at 375 till crispy (I love super crispy sprouts)

Purple Cabbage + Salt + Pepper + Olive Oil saute in a pan (guess what?!? I like this one crispy too)

Spinach (salad) +( olive oil + garlic + vinegar + crushed red pepper) this is a homemade salad dressing that I top most of my salads with so spinach & grilled chicken with this dressing + some feta cheese and BOOM amazing!

Ok, let me be honest… the first time you try them, you still might not like them.  Keep introducing yourself to them and trying new ones.  Just because you don’t like broccoli doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try asparagus.  There are so many options, keep looking, and don’t give up! Here is a list of veggies.

Share your veggie recipe creations below!


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