What is the 360° coaching approach? 

Fitness vs Food makes me think about what’s more important fitness or food?  My answer is always, you need both and it needs more.

We need more than good, nutritious food and 120 minutes of activity each week.

We want health and wellness.  We want to feel good and look good.  We want long lives that aren’t spent in a wheel chair or nursing home.

But… a workout every other day and food are not the only factors.

This is what brought me to creating the 360° coaching approach.

The 360° coaching approach brings in all pillars you need to live a long filled with vitality.  I use 4 pillars: fitness, food, health, and life.

The 4 Pillars: 


Fitness is the movement part of the pillars.  It is encouraging you to move more.  This movement can be any form you enjoy with some strength training.  Movements could be yoga, dancing, running, walking, or skipping.  I believe strength training is vital to living a long, healthy life so I include strength training for all my clients.


I always feel like talking nutrition isn’t fun for everyone, but talking about food is different.  We all eat food, if I told you to eat more vitamin A you would look at me like I’m crazy, but if I told you to eat more beef liver, eggs, butter, sweet potato, or kale you would know what that means.  I walk you though food with things that actually make sense with habits you can do each day to improve your health and how you feel.


There is nothing that drives me more crazy than hearing a client say… ‘I just want to be healthy.’  What does health mean to you? To me, the health pillar is about sleep, rest, relaxation, and being mindful.  Yes, it is also about medications and visiting doctors when needs.  But, I use this pillar to focus with my clients on what your body is saying.  Is it saying it’s tired?  Is it saying you need to relax because your anxiety is too high?  We take the things your body is saying and make adjustments to your life so you can hear your body say it’s happy.


This is taking the first 3 pillars and adding them to your life, but not the life where you sit in a cubicle all day miserable.  This is about growing and doing the things you enjoy.  Love to camp, but never have the time?  Want to learn to fish, but don’t know how?  This is us working together to make your life the best life.  This is the action to live your DREAM life.

Love the Life you Live, Live the Life you Love 

Bob Marley

This is a quote I encourage everyone I work with to live by along with myself.  I want everyone to be living the best life.  You cannot do that by counting every calories, tracking every step or calorie burned.  It isn’t easy to do when your tied to a wheel chair or always having to visit the doctor.

I find the happiest life is when we are finding the balance to eat the broccoli and the ice cream.

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